Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Treat Yourself Blog Hop

There is an awesome crop going on over at Card Swaps this week. Challenges and games will be posted August 8-11, 2012 and you have until 11:59PM EST August 14, 2012 to get your projects posted to the appropriate thread. If you haven't participated before, don't worry! There are many members and myself that will be around to offer support and encouragement. You can find out all you need to know in the forum. At the end of the hop, you will be taken to the crop and I do hope you join in. Collect the letters along the way and unscramble them to be entered into the drawing for a prize for one lucky hopper! You will be given details at the bottom of the post.

I hope you have  arrived here from Brooke's blog. If not and you want to start at the begining
hop on over HERE.
The blog hop "theme" goes with the crop title of "Treat Yourself". The  projects were left up to the hostesses of the blog hop, as long as it somehow conveyed a way the hostess "treats" herself. We were also asked to share something about a way we unwind or our favorite way to treat ourselves.
When I want to unwind or treat myself I love to go shopping for paper.  I live in a small town in the mountains of Utah and to go down to the valley to shop is a treat!!!  I always love to stop at a crafting store and check out the new lines from my favorite companies.  To unwind I love to sew and crochet along with paper crafting. I created this card with some emphasis on quilting, sewing, and card making.  I LOVE all three!!!!
Unscramble It game for hoppers...
 You will be unscrambling a word once you  collect all the letters at each blog you visit. Once you collect ALL the letters, the last hostess in the blog hop will direct you to the thread in the forum where you can find all the details you need to enter the drawing. All hoppers collecting all the letters, unscrambling the word or phrase, entering the game by following the directions in the forum, and leaving feedback on EVERY blog in the hop WILL be entered in to a random drawing held on August 15, 2012. ONE lucky hopper will have their name drawn and will win a prize!! The winner will be posted in the forum on the game thread for Time To Shine Unscramble It! So, make sure you visit every blog and find the letters. Your hints are... it’s a phrase, it has three words, and it’s a way to keep balance in one's life.
My letter is...R
Now, be sure to hop on to collect all the rest of the letters and return to the forum with all your letters and unscramble the phrase. Check out the challenges and play some games. Hope to see you there!!!
Now hop on over to Susan's blog, she is so talented and such a sweet lady. 
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Here is the list of blogs for you to hop to if you missed any...

Brooke Smith -CardMaker blog


  1. Gorgeous card Jane!! The images are jut beautiful and all the details you used make your card just fabulous (as usual!)!! I agree with your paper shopping treat. New paper always inspires me!

  2. Gorgeous card Jane!! The images are jut beautiful and all the details you used make your card just fabulous (as usual!)!! I agree with your paper shopping treat. New paper always inspires me!

  3. I just love your cards. You truely are an amazing crafter. My mom is a big sewer/crocheter. I show her your cards all the time and she is also amazed.

  4. WOWSERS! Jane! I love the card. It's so pretty and inspiring. I love that loopy bow!!!!

  5. The fringe is a great touch. Lots of elements to look at. My best treat is a craft show.

  6. Jane this is Awesome!! Your cards are always full of eye candy and this is no exception. The fringe is a cool touch and I love the piece of lace in the scissors... just like it's being cut. Perfect!!

  7. What a lovely creation celebrating creating! I love your attention to detail, so inspiring!

  8. Your vintage card is right up my alley...
    Many thanks, Cindi

  9. Lovely, Jane. I love checking out the craft stores as well. And someday, id like to learn to crochet.

  10. Hi Jane,
    Beautiful card as always!

  11. WOW another WWJD card!! just WOW i love it!!!

  12. Jane, gorgeous card! As ususal, lots of fun details.

  13. I love the theme of your card. It's so eyecatching!

  14. this card. I love the fabric and the fringe!

  15. wow very pretty card Jane like all way
    like every thing on you card and the very pretty color
    thank for showing

  16. Jane, I love your card! You are such a talented woman.

  17. A beautiful vintage looking it! I bet we could have fun crafting together. I think I was born with a sewing needle in one hand and a crochet hook in the other. Your card fits me to a tee for favorite things I like to do.

  18. Love the card. I have really started to like the vintage look more and more.
    Linda aka gostlady6

  19. Cute card! Love the theme-from a 'wanna-be quilter!

  20. Jane you have created another vintage masterpeice. Beautiful card!

  21. wow, this card is amazing. it's like a compilation of everything that's trendy this year, and it's adorable.

  22. This card is WONDERFUL!!! I love all the frayed fabric frames!


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